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Maya Plastik Home Page

Maya Plastik – Plastic Packaging Solutions

Maya Plastik was established in 1998 to serve different sectors which need flexible packaging materials. Our power comes from our competitive spirit and our dynamic team so we live the honor of developing product range continually through using high technology. Maya Plastik manufactures based on the international standards and has many loyal customers both in Turkey and abroad.

Customer Focused Packaging Solutions

Maya Plastik throughly absorbed customer focused production philosophy at all levels of operations from determing the customer needs to customer satisfaction after sales. Maya Plastik aims to maximize customer satisfaction through the dynamic organization structure that acts with the customer expactations and modern production equipment with flexible fabrication methods. Maya Plastik provides special solutions in accordance with the customer requirements. You can get in touch with our customer representatives for your requirements.
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Beylikdüzü Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mermerciler Sitesi 2. Cadde 1.Bulvar No:12 Büyükçekmece - İstanbul / Turkey
Telefon: +9(0212) 876 34 90 Faks: +9(0212) 876 34 92
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