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Quality and Certificates

Quality and Certificates

Our Products

Our Products

Production and Technology

Production and Technology

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Technological Production

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Nature comes before everything for Maya Plastik, which has never compromised its environmentalist identity since its establishment in 1998! We always use, produce and market environmentally friendly, reliable products.

Maya Plastik always works with trained personnel working according to hygiene and sanitation rules and raw materials that will not harm human health. All products we produce are guaranteed under the Food Safety Management System! We always plan our production according to the efficient use of our natural resources and never waste.

Maya Plastik is a world brand!

We are servicing more than 1000 brands in more than 100 countries

Maya Plastik, producer of the firsts in Turkey, exports products to more than a hundred countries in the world. Millions of people who served by more than a thousand brands around the world use our products.

Within the product range that Maya Plastik sells to the world; there are cargo envelopes, security taped and serial numbered cargo bags, reinforced, handheld, and handled shopping bags, food packaging, chicken and bread bags, cleaning products packaging, diaper packaging, detergent packaging, and many other products.

Our standard: High Quality

Since the day we were founded, we have always offered more than you expected!

Since its establishment in 1998, Maya Plastik, which has always adopted producing products of higher quality than expected as a rule, puts customer satisfaction first.

Respect for human and environment, high production quality, advanced technology, efficiency, timely delivery and sustainability sets the quality limits of Maya Plastik. With its dynamic organizational structure, it always aims at maximum customer satisfaction by adopting the flexible manufacturing method.


Technological Production

24/7 production in an area of 16 thousand square meters

Maya Plastik has the capacity to perform 7-24 production with technology devices in a total area of 16 thousand square meters at 3 different locations.

Providing customer-oriented solutions for different sectors, Maya Plastik can print products in any colour you want with high-tech W&H Extrusion machines and W&H printing machines. Maya Plastik is where dreams come true in the packaging industry!

We produce the world's packaging!

With 22 years of experience and technology, we produce packaging materials all over the world with our total production area of 16 thousand square meters as Maya Plastik. We are proud to export our high quality and environmentally friendly products to more than 100 countries.


We produce all packaging types that can be used in the e-commerce sector for our customers on a 24-hour basis


As the first cargo bag manufacturer of Turkey, Maya Plastik is still the only supplier of the largest cargo company in Turkey


At Maya Plastik, which produces with the Food Safety Management System, all of our production is suitable for the use of food packaging.


Maya Plastik, the only packaging manufacturer of more than 100 brands serving in the textile industry, has a production capacity of 50 thousand tons per year.

Cleaning Products

The safe packaging of cleaning products such as detergents is vital for the environment. As Maya Plastik, we produce packaging for all cleaning products.


Diapers are really healthy if they are in a safe packaging. We are at your service with our safe and healthy production area for our future.

You can view our catalogue of all our products at: Maya Plastik Product Catalog

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